Services We Provide to Help You Maintain DOT Compliance

Our goal is to help you focus on your core business while we help manage the details behind the scenes. It's a win-win situation! You do what you do best and we help keep you compliant, motivated, trained and organized!

Background Screening

Ensure you are hiring reputable individuals who will represent your company in a positive manner. Research completed on driving history, criminal backgrounds, online activity (social networks, etc.) and if requested credit scoring. Proper documentation from prospective employee must be obtained prior to this service being performed.

DataQ Management

We have the experience and expertise to determine what is able to be challenged and what is not. Our staff is knowledgeable with FMCSA rules and regulations, as well as what an officer is required to note on their report.  With this knowledge, we request the necessary documents, compile the applicable regulations and present a professional argument to persuade a ruling in our partner’s favor.

Digital Imaging of Human Resource Files and Company Records

Maintain your records digitally so that you have a contingency plan should some catastrophic event occur - making your files available electronically.

DOT Number Monthly Monitoring

We will review all roadside inspections monthly to report which violations are able to be challenged.  We track trending in violations, drivers, vehicles.  Our staff will monitor for use by an unauthorized person/truck/company.  And we monitor your percentages and scoring to monitor your rating in comparison to the national average.

Driver Qualification File Management

Ensure your files are in compliance for DOT audits by outsourcing the setup of documentation and creation of files with pertinent information. Your documents can be customized for your company and files will be set up in an organized manner - allowing the auditor to find the information quickly - which in turn should make the audit flow more smoothly.


Includes completion of all Driver Qualification File documents, Previous Employment Verification, and a Motor Vehicle Report. Physical Examination, Pre-employment Drug Screen, and Driver's Drug training are additional services which fall into other noted services.


Includes a review of existing Driver Qualification Files and organizing the files into the DOT preferred auditing format. This service includes a detailed report on each file regarding where the file is out of compliance and the action which must be taken to bring it into compliance. Repairs of the files can be completed by CHARTS D.O.T. Compliance Company, if desired.


Service includes email notifications of all expiration dates in the Driver Qualification Files, Annual Motor Vehicle Report, and a follow-up service to insure that files are updated.

Drug and Alcohol Test Management

The DOT publishes rules (49) Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Part 40) on who must conduct drug and alcohol tests, how to conduct those tests and what procedures to use when testing. CHARTS D.O.T. Compliance Company offers a comprehensive DOT drug and alcohol testing program including policy development, consortium options and consulting services.​

Employee Handbooks

It is imperative that employees be provided an employee handbook customized to your specific needs and guidelines. After all, how can one play the game if they don't know the rules! We work with you to make sure the most current regulations as well as policies you need to implement such as vacation, sick time, leave of absence, etc. You will have input into the process as nothing is cookie-cutter, out of the box! That's not to say you can't go with a basic handbook...but to be fully effective, we believe customization is the key!

Hazardous and/or Radioactive Material Management

Hazardous and/or Radioactive materials have their own additional sets of rules that work in conjunction with the standard transportation rules provided by the DOT. Make certain you are in compliance in all areas including general awareness, record-keeping, incident reporting, shipping papers and job specific training. Take advantage of our staff's resources and experience in developing the Department of Energy's Level VI program.

Hours of Service

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSRs) contain rules that strictly limit the driving time and on-duty time of drivers of commercial motor vehicles. Part 395 provides in-depth instructions - but are you in compliance? New changes as well as employees who do not maintain proper records can have a financial impact on your business. Out-of-Service impacts the driver, your business and your BASICS score. Training and auditing services are available to get you into compliance and to ensure your drivers are knowledgeable about the rules.

International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) Credentials

IFTA administers credentialing for commercial fuel taxes. These reports must be reported each quarter. CHARTS D.O.T. Compliance Company will help you learn to file the information OR you can outsource this function to CHARTS D.O.T. Compliance Company and mark it off of YOUR to-do list! The ability to travel in continental US and Canada is impacted by these filings and obtaining the decals. This allows carriers to operate throughout most of the North America with tax and registration credentials issued by their home jurisdictions.

International Registration Plan (IRP)

IRP regulates commercial vehicle registration. All vehicles of more than 26,000 pounds per gross weight (GVW) or having three or more axles are to be registered and any fees paid in their home jurisdiction. CHARTS D.O.T. Compliance Company will help you learn to file the information OR you can outsource this function to CHARTS D.O.T. Compliance Company and mark it off of YOUR to-do list!

Maintenance Files

The FMCSRs require motor carriers to systematically inspect, repair, and maintain all motor vehicles under their control. This includes rules regarding general inspection, repair and maintenance requirements, as well as reports. Special rules apply for driveaway-towaway operations. How would your maintenance files hold up to an inspection? Has your team been trained on proper documentation of daily inspections and maintenance files?

Mock Audits

What happens if the auditors knock on your door or you get a letter advising you that there will be an inspection conducted on your business and compliance with FMCSA rules? Would you panic or feel confident that no offenses would be found and no monetary penalties accrued? In an attempt to minimize the risk of such panic, mock audits can be performed on driver qualification files, maintenance files, vehicle inspection records, training records, hours of service records and drug and alcohol program records. An in-person review of results and documentation of what needs to be corrected is included in this service. We'll also assist you in getting into compliance by offering needed solutions such as training of your office staff, drivers or management.


All training programs are customized to meet the specific needs of your company. Refer to the Training Tab for additional details.

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