Maintain Safety and Compliance Within Your Company

Nothing replaces the need for instructional development of your staff. Everyone seems to learn differently and recognizing that need and transitioning training to accommodate that mystery of how people learn can make or break your training program...thus affecting your business as it relates to safety and compliance.

Let CHARTS D.O.T. Compliance Company help you mitigate risk by working with your team to develop customized training in ways that will compel them to retain and comply with any policy, procedure or regulation.


Cargo Securement

D.O.T. Recordable Accidents

ELD / Hours of Service / Log Books

Commercial Driver's License (CDL) Standards

Driver Qualification File Requirements

Inspection, Repair and Maintenance Records

New Driver Training

Working the DataQ

General Safety Awareness - Hazardous and/or Radioactive Materials Training

Job Specific Safety Awareness

Shipping Papers

The Professional Truck Driver/Distracted Driving

Recognizing Drug & Alcohol Abuse / Misuse Training for Supervisors

Record Retention Requirements

First Aid/CPR/AED