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Through the years, trucking companies and their drivers have been challenged with keeping up with the regulations, complying with the rules and still doing what they do best...moving America.  Without you, the trucking industry, America would be at a standstill ~ yet you may be one of the most under appreciated segments of any industry.
Regulations make it difficult to keep the wheels of commerce rolling. CHARTS D.O.T. Compliance Company respects the challenges you face.  Our primary core value is to provide dependable support so you can do what you do best ~ manage your business.
Maximizing profit, mitigating risk and achieving D.O.T. compliance is within reach.  Reach out to our staff and you have my promise that we will do our very best to help you achieve compliance.
Jill O’Dell

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Individualized and intimate knowledge of your business will help us maximize your ​profits, mitigate risk and help you achieve your business objectives.